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Who we are

Glorystar Sales is a team of passionate, experienced sales representatives. We have been supporting global manufacturers in the industry of sheet metal processing, chassis cabinets, lighting, mechanical processing, hardware by successfully winning new customers in more than 10 overseas markets.

Technical sales in Europe

From our headquarters in Dongguan, China, we cover more than 10 overseas markets. Our sales representatives have an extensive network among decision-makers in the global industry and can quickly build up your business.

Who we work with

Our clients range from innovative start-ups to large corporations. Their products span a wide range of technologies and applications.

Is Glorystar Sales the right partner for me?

Work with us if you would like to sell to manufacturers in industries such as automotive, mechanical engineering, plant equipment, agricultural machinery, aerospace, rail vehicle manufacturing, energy and retail.

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Target Industries

As an experienced sales team, we develop new markets for manufacturers of "traditional" components and systems as well as for innovative Industry 4.0 solutions. Win customers in these industries with us:

Target Industries

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As an excellent laser cutting brand,we have a professional and leading technical team, providing the most advanced and best quality products to every customer, we stick to the combination of products and services. Welcome you to join our team for joint development!


Case Studies

For a NAFTA/China- based manufacturer of complex plastic injection molded hybrid components Glorystar Sales serves as the European sales & engineering support office. Glorystar Sales is accessing the development and application engineering teams of leading German automotive, railroad, appliances and general industry OEMs. Ultimate sourcing decisions are done by German/European head offices, while the molded components are then shipped to the various local assembly plants – in particular China and Mexico. The Glorystar technical sales staff pro-actively coordinates this truly global business and thus makes the US/Chinese company an easy-to-work with, successful global-local manufacturing partner.

An Indian specialist for precision stamped stator/rotor packages tasked Glorystar Sales with business development with German manufacturers of electric motors and drives. The Glorystar Sales team used its extensive network of small and medium-sized German companies, the German "Mittelstand", to quickly generate leads and sales for the Indian manufacturer. The expertise of the Glorystar Sales staff in working with various global business cultures has been a key factor to found a solid relationship.

Case Study: Paving the Way to Europe for a Taiwanese Automotive Supplier

Case Study: Sales for a Chinese manufacturer of solenoid valves

Glorystar Sales is the ideal "turnkey" solution for any company looking to expand or launch into the global marketplace.

Benefits of Working with Us

Global coverage

Quick access to the global market

Your corporate identity

Experienced local sales representatives

Thorough market analysis


Excellent network in the global industry

Experienced in working with Asian companies

Lower cost than in-house solution

Our Network

We have an extensive network of more than 1,500 well-established contacts at OEMs and system suppliers and we are selling to 150 active customers on behalf of our clients. Our contacts are decision makers in purchasing, supplier development, QA/QM and application engineering.

Our Network

Our Team

Our sales representatives are all seasoned professionals in international sales. Their knowledge and network of contacts in specific industries and markets enable our customers to enter new markets successfully. Our service offices are in the United States, Brazil, South Korea and other countries.

Our Team

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  • Headquarters No. 47, Jingyi Road, Niushan Industrial Park, Prc, Dongguan, Guangdong, China.
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