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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine VI

Date: Aug. 09, 2021

Higher quality and lower cost—Fiber laser cutting machine VI

Why is the cutting speed of carbon steel almost doubled when using the same power fiber laser cutting machine?

When buying a fiber laser cutting machine, is it enough to only focus on the core components and cutting effect?

Laser cutting has always occupied the steel processing market by virtue of its high processing accuracy, vertical cutting section and fast speed in the field of mechanical processing. For a long time, corporate users in the sheet metal industry have been committed to seeking breakthroughs in the difficulty of how to cut carbon steel and stainless steel quickly and efficiently.Nowadays, high-power fiber cutting is developing rapidly, and it is an indispensable technology for sheet metal processing.Because of its high-speed, high-efficiency and high-precision advantages, it is favored by many users and highly recognized by the market

Thanks to the new high-power fast oxygen cutting technology, the cutting efficiency and quality of thick plates have been greatly improved



What is oxygen cutting +?

The most commonly used and most traditional metal cutting method is oxygen cutting, which is mainly used for carbon steel cutting with the advantages of simple equipment, flexibility, convenience and good quality.The emergence of high-power laser cutting machines has provided more options for medium and thick carbon steel cutting, such as air cutting and nitrogen cutting, greatly increasing the cutting speed of carbon steel.Among them, air cutting has the characteristics of reducing air consumption costs, saving time, and improving processing efficiency. However, its disadvantage is that the cutting section will be rather rough, the bottom slag is difficult to clean, and additional abrasive tools are needed.

When using oxygen to cut, the metal cutting section will react with oxygen and form oxide scale,greatly affecting the cutting stability and even causing the cutting head to shake.Therefore, the use of traditional oxygen cutting will limit the maximum speed if cutting stability is considered.


After several experiments by Glorystar, the oxygen cutting + process has improved from the cutting system to the nozzle,the protective lens and so on, which solve the problems of serious temperature rise and poor cutting effect of long-time processing lenses.

At present, compared with traditional oxygen cutting, the speed of cutting 16mm carbon steel with oxygen cutting+ has increased by 93%,which will be mentioned in the follow-up article or click the button below to contact us for details.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine VI

When buying a laser cutting machine, in addition to the six core components of fiber laser, cutting head, CNC system, motor, machine tool, and laser lens, there are other details that need to be paid attention to.

Dust removal system

Smoke and dust are key factors for any metal cutting. During laser cutting, if the smoke and dust are not dealt with effectively in time, on one hand,the cutting quality cannot be guaranteed, on the other hand, operator’s health will be threatened. If the human body inhales the gas containing iron filings for a long time , it will cause iron deposition.

However, many laser cutting machine manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs, and customers do not pay attention to or do not understand the dust removal effect,resulting in controlling the cost by reducing the configuration of the dust removal system.Glorystar fiber laser cutting machine VI with improved and upgraded dust removal system is environmentally friendly and safe, which protects the health of operators.


Industrial air conditioning

Any laser cutting machine cannot avoid heat generation, which is also the most overlooked problem.If the machine is overheated, the processing efficiency will drop sharply. At the same time, the service life of the wearing parts of various parts will be seriously consumed, and even some important parts will be permanently damaged.Glorystar always values the long-term interests of customers, keeping on reducing maintenance costs for customers with advanced technology.Therefore, the equipment uses newly upgraded industrial air conditioners to achieve the effect of maintaining the long-term stability of the equipment, greatly extending the service life and reducing customer maintenance costs.

The performance of the laser cutting machine is far more than the above.If you have any problem or need more details, please feel free to contact us.There will be professionals to connect and answer you.

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