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Glorystar Laser’s R&D center in Dongguan is staffed by more than 200 highly skilled and experienced employees which are divided into machinery development, electrical technology, optics, software, testing, and other departments. Each department is directed by a technical leader with at least 10 years of experience in related industries. Through continuous innovation and research and development, so far, Glorystar Laser has accumulated nearly 200 patents, including 17 invention patents. At the same time, we have established a comprehensive strategic partnership with European laser brand manufacturers. More than 50 laser experts from Glorystar Laser and Promotec co-organized a joint R&D center to work together in the creation of high-end quality laser processing products, offering greater value for our clients.

Hollow machine bed


Effectively prevent the bed from thermal deformation and achieve anti-vibration, torsion, and fatigue resistance of the machine (Pat.ZL201821103166.6) Applied to Euro Star Series


High-power series industry's first modular combined workbench


Avoid the possibility that the high-power laser cuts the plate in the same cutting area for a long time and causes the entire worktable to be scrapped (Pat.ZL202120735921.8) Applied to Honor Star Series

High-power series industry's first modular combined workbench

The world's first double-layer separated machine bed


Designed for ultra-high-power operations, when load-bearing and ultra-high-power laser cutting, the heat radiation generated can be completely isolated from the main machine bed,ensuring that the machine bed has no external deformation factors. (Pat.ZL202022283769.2) Applied to NAVSTAR Series

The world's first double-layer separated machine bed

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