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Ultra-high-power Laser Cutting Machine contributes to Made-in-China

Date: Jan. 04, 2022

     On the eve of New Year's Day in 2022, the Central China area ushered in the first 10,000-watt high-grade configuration fiber laser cutting machine--NAVSTAR-12025, which is equipped with12*2.5m double exchange worktable and international top brand IPG 30000W laser and integrates a number of patented technologies. What a groundbreaking significance!

Ultra-high-power Laser Cutting Machine contributes to Made-in-China

    Since its establishment, Glorystar Laser has always regarded IPG as its most important partner, which guarantees the high quality and high stability of its laser products.

    This ultra-high-power fiber laser cutting machine with IPG 30000W laser comprehensively adopts the safety intelligent control system, the quality traceability management system, the bus system, and the latest intellectual property rights such as the first full servo power system, the first hollow bed design (Patent No.ZL2018211031666) and the first double-layer separation bed design (Patent No. ZL2020222837692) with advanced functions and the advantages of high efficiency, high precision, high stability, high load capacity, high safety, high environmental protection, and low energy consumption.

    This highly anticipated ultra-high-power fiber laser cutting machine is the performance of Glorystar Laser's comprehensive control of product quality. It integrates the self-developed load-bearing structure and the excellent performance of the core components,  very stable and efficient, thereby improving production efficiency, reducing overall energy consumption and costs, and helping to realize customers' sustainable production.

Ultra-high-power Laser Cutting Machine contributes to Made-in-China

Ultra-high-power Laser Cutting Solution

    NAVSTAR-12025 combines the IPG30000W laser and the industry's first patented technology of "hollow bed" and "double-layer separation bed", and will maintain the lowest power loss in the future with more than ten years of use. It can be said that NAVSTAR- 12025 (IPG30000W) in the case of heavy load work,  only for the item of electricity bill can save more than 35 thousand dollars a year.

  NAVSTAR-12025 (IPG30000W) performed very well, not only refreshing the new standard of 10,000-watt laser cutting machine but also being highly recognized by senior customers.

Ultra-high-power Laser Cutting Machine contributes to Made-in-China

    As the pioneer in the Central China area to introduce the world's highest-end 30000W laser cutting machine, Mr.Li from Pingdingshan Shengda Company conducted a complete investigation and analysis before purchasing.

    Why would he choose Glorystar NAVSTAR-12025 30000W laser cutting machineIn addition to market demand, from Mr. Li’s answer, we can see the sincere feeling of serving the country by the industry.

     Mr.Li is a new-generation entrepreneur who has both modern business management capability and Confucian wisdom. Having worked in the processing and manufacturing industry for a long time, Mr. Li has an insight into the development prospects of the industry, especially the layout and market conditions of the processing market in the Central China area.

    “Although our company has a lot of business and participated in a series of important national constructive projects such as the South-to-North Water Diversion, there will be many things beyond our capacity. For example, as the heavy industry continues to shift to the northern area, large-scale equipment manufacturing has become the focus of industrial development, and new changes and requirements for manufacturing processes will be proposed. However, traditional plasma or flame cutting cannot meet the new processing requirements, which severely restricts the development of the processing and manufacturing industry.

    Therefore, he did not hesitate to choose Glorystar's 30000W laser cutting machine with the world's top configuration, bringing the most advanced and more mature technology to Central China and the northern region, changing the situation that traditional equipment has poor processing effect and cannot process super-large-format plates and super-thick plates.

Ultra-high-power Laser Cutting Machine contributes to Made-in-China

    The fact proved that Mr. Li is correct---A well-known machinery company issued a cooperation invitation to Mr. Li's company as soon as the NAVSTAR (IPG30000W) contract was signed and the annual contract amount exceeded 100 million yuan. The extreme performance of NAVSTAR (IPG30000W) has brought high-quality customers to Mr. Li, which has also solved the problem of unbalanced enterprise development in the region and insufficient release of enterprise productivity.

Ultra-high-power Laser Cutting Machine contributes to Made-in-China

    Mr. Li was full of pride when speaking of this advanced NAVSTAR 30000W laser cutting machine: "This machine has reached four top 1 in the area north of the Yangtze River: the largest processing format; the maximum processing thickness; the maximum board bearing capacity and the widest range of processing material types and specifications. Compared with the same power of other fiber laser cutting machines, it can achieve the best processing effect and apply for more abundant scenarios, covering the major metal materials such as carbon steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and stainless steel.

   When it comes to the future, Mr. Li is full of confidence: with the help of the NAVSTAR laser cutting machine, we can easily complete the orders worth hundreds of millions of yuan and cooperate with the big companies such as the nearby Pingdingshan High UHV, Pingdingshan Chemical City and other large enterprises. As the proverb says: Dont bite off more than one can chew, vice versa. NAVSTAR, the star of wealth creation, the star of ideals. I firmly believe that the future will be better!

Ultra-high-power Laser Cutting Machine contributes to Made-in-China

      Glorystar laser is the last one of Mr. Lis inspection tour of laser cutting machine manufacturers across the country. Before inspecting Glorystar laser, Mr. Li has inspected more than 10 laser companies. When he came to the Dongguan headquarters of Glorystar laser, Mr. Li started a high-density review with senior experts in the industry, and conducted detailed assessments of the latest technical concepts, technical features, and production processes of major manufacturers, and made a comparison one by one.

      From 9 oclock in the morning to 11 oclock in the evening, Glorystar laser finally stood out after 3 days of technical and process comparison, and the two parties reached an in-depth cooperation agreement. The reason why customers choose Glorystar laser is very simple: When I first saw the product, I was attracted by the sturdy machine bed, which is solid and durable, and can also improve the machines performance. It has high technical content and is very trustworthy. The latest ventilation design and the dust removal effect is very good, which is very environmentally friendly, and it is a kind of respect and protection for the people who use it. All the patents are original, others can imitate the publicity plan, but the thought of thinking for customers cannot be imitated. Choosing Glorystar laser, we will have no worries afterwards, and the after-sale service can also make us feel rest assured!

     The cooperation between Glorystar Laser and Shengda Company is the 30,000W laser cutting machine of Glorystar Lasers NAVSTAR series, which is the first high-power imported laser equipment in the Central China market. It is a milestone event in the manufacturing industry and represents that the manufacturing industry in the northern market has ushered in the most advanced technology in the laser industry. At the same time, we hope to promote the development and upgrading of the regional industrial chain through this cooperation, so as to promote the high-quality development of the enterprises of both sides.

Ultra-high-power Laser Cutting Machine contributes to Made-in-China

Mr. Li said: We need to enhance our design and technique to meet the continuously developing of national economy. Traditional processing techniques can no longer meet our processing and production needs, in order to adapt to the changes in the market, I realize that we must actively seek out excellent partners and incorporating new technologies, so we choose Glorystar Laser. This time, the choice of Glorystar has brought better economic benefits to our company. At the same time, I also deeply feel that through this cooperation, our company successfully reached the strategic highest point of Pingdingshan, even domestic manufacture industry. I sincerely hope that we will have more cooperation with Glorystar Laser in the future."

Glorystar Laser has always been committed to promoting technological innovation in the laser industry and providing global users with smarter, environmentally friendly and more efficient laser application solutions. In the future, Glorystar Laser will continue to focus on the field of laser application solutions, to create more possibilities and value for customers, and truly realize the corporate mission of "laser technology makes a better world!"

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