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How to find a reliable Chinese supplier of CNC fiber laser cutting machine

Date: Oct. 11, 2021


With the development of society, the laser industry has been rapidly developed and widely used in many fields such as national defense, science and technology, industry, agriculture, medicine and even daily life. It supports numerous pillar industries such as intelligent manufacturing, aerospace science and industry, biomedicine, and material structure.

The selection of the laser cutting machine suppliers can determine the efficiency and scale of one company to a certain extent, which needs to be examined from multiple dimensions. So today, we will discuss the choice of laser cutting machine supplier from three dimensions and four principles: brand dimension, product dimension, and service dimension. 

How to find a reliable Chinese supplier of CNC fiber laser cutting machine?

When selecting suppliers, we mainly follow the “Q.C.D.S” principle, namely quality, cost, delivery, and service.

Among the four, the quality factor is the most important. Firstly, it is necessary to confirm whether the supplier has established a stable and effective quality assurance system, and then confirm whether the supplier has process capability to produce the specific equipment.

Secondly, cost and price. Value Engineering Method should be used to analyze the costs of the products, in order to achieve cost savings through win-win price negotiations.

In terms of delivery, it is necessary to determine whether the supplier has sufficient production capacity, whether human resources are sufficient, and whether it has the potential to expand production capacity.

The last point, which is very significant, is the supplier’s pre-sales and after-sales service records. Only these four points are in line with the current company’s development and philosophy, can it be called a reliable supplier in the laser industry.



1. Brand Qualification

When conducting qualification inspections, the relevant certificates, complete websites, valuable partners, and the R&D capability should be visible.

A brand’s qualifications represent the hardware requirements of the brand’s capabilities, and different qualifications can undertake business and sign the project cost of the general contract.

Secondly, you need to check the integrity of the company’s official website and the company’s organizational structure and supply chain. Besides, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the company’s partners are high-value partners and whether they can provide quality assurance for the company’s products. 

As a member of the laser industry, Glorystar Laser has won the honor of Emerging Enterprise in Guangdong Province, Outstanding Enterprise in Dongguan, AAA Credit Enterprise, etc. and has obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, US FDA, Swiss SGS, EU CE certification, etc.

How to find a reliable Chinese supplier of CNC fiber laser cutting machine?

2. Brand Influence and R & D Capabilities

Brand influence refers to the brand’s ability to open up and occupy the market. We can check the influence and proportion of the brand in each country through the data on the industry website or the official website information. On this basis, we also need to examine the cost performance of the company’s products and customer reviews and make comprehensive judgments for selection.

Furthermore, R&D capabilities can see the company’s design and innovation capabilities, the functionality of the products, and in addition to development prospects. If a company has strong R&D capabilities, it has the ability to develop more sophisticated and multifunctional machines, which are more adapted to the development of society. Vice versa.

Glorystar Laser is committed to independent research and development to build the core independent brand of Glorystar Laser. The important parts of the machine are all independently developed and produced. For the purchased partswe have established long-term cooperative relations with mainstream brand suppliers in the laser industry, such as IPG, Wuhan Ruike, Yaskawa, etc., and strictly control the quality.



The number of product types can also be called the variety flexibility factor. In the environment of increasing global competition and changing product demand, the products must be diversified to meet the needs of consumers to achieve the purpose of occupying the market and obtaining profits.

A reliable supplier can diversify as many types of products as possible on the basis of ensuring quality to meet customer needs to solve a variety of customer problems, reduce the time cost and labor cost of multiple inquiries for customers to buy products, and achieve one-stop shopping.

How to find a reliable Chinese supplier of CNC fiber laser cutting machine?

Glorystar Laser adheres to European and American technology and is committed to laser cutting, welding and marking and automation and other laser application industries. The main products are metal laser cutting machines, laser marking machines, laser welding machines, bending machines and laser application automation production lines, etc. There are more than 150 models in 8 major product series, which are used in sheet metal processing, chassis cabinets, lighting, mechanical processing, and hardware industries. The products sell well in Europe, North America, South America and Southeast Asia, and there are service offices in the United States, Brazil, South Korea and other countries.

2. Excellent Quality

Product quality is the foundation of the supply chain’s survival and is always the most important consideration. Whether a supplier’s product is good or bad depends on strict inspections and standardized operations of the raw materials, processing, assembly, measurement, and inspection processes of machine manufacturing. Only machines that meet industry standards can be regarded as excellent machines.

How to find a reliable Chinese supplier of CNC fiber laser cutting machine?


1. Pre-sale Service

  Pre-sales service is to send the relevant information of the company’s products to the target customers through the service personnel, including the product’s technical indicators, main performance, configuration and price information.

       Pre-sales service can prominent the professionalism of a supplier, such as an accuracy of answering questions, the clarity of considerations, whether the problem is viewed from the perspective of consumers and customers, and whether the proposed solution is comprehensively appropriate. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the wishes of customers before sales, so as to select and recommend the most suitable solutions and laser equipment.


For example:

Laser cutting requires different functions in different industries:

a.Advertising Industry: High-speed polygonal cutting

The materials commonly used in the advertising industry are metallic materials mainly made of stainless steel and non-metallic materials mainly made of acrylic. Metal billboards can be cut with a laser cutting machine, with high-speed positioning, high-speed response, and multi-sided cutting; laser cutting can also perform fine processing on complex polygonal plates with good processing effects.

How to find a reliable Chinese supplier of CNC fiber laser cutting machine?

b.Circuit Board: FPC laser cutting

FPC is a patterned printed circuit board made of flexible substrates, which has the characteristics of high wiring density, lightweight, and thin thickness. FPC is mainly used in products such as mobile phones, notebook computers, PDAs, digital cameras, LCMs, etc. It is especially suitable for applications with complex circuits, high signal processing requirements, or mechanical performance requirements. In the production process of circuit boards, laser marking barcodes has become an industry trend because it can avoid the waste of consumables and environmental pollution.

How to find a reliable Chinese supplier of CNC fiber laser cutting machine?


2.Delivery Lead Time

The market is an external system for a company or supply chain, and its changes or fluctuations will cause fluctuations in the company or supply and sales. The instability of the market will lead to fluctuations in inventory at all levels of supply.

Due to the existence of advance delivery, it will inevitably cause the lag of inventory changes at all levels of the supply chain and the gradual amplification effect of inventory. The smaller the delivery lead time, the smaller the inventory fluctuation, which means the faster enterprises response and sensitivity of the market.

3.Punctual Delivery

Punctual delivery means that the supplier will deliver the products to the designated place on time according to the time and place required by the ordering party. If the supplier’s punctual delivery is low, it will definitely affect the manufacturer’s production plan and the seller’s sales plan. In this way, it will cause a lot of waste and the disintegration of the supply chain.

How to find a reliable Chinese supplier of CNC fiber laser cutting machine

4.After-sale Service

After-sales service includes packaging services compatible with product sales, delivery services, installation services, troubleshooting technical failures, providing technical support, sending product improvement or upgrade information, maintaining regular contact with customers, contacting product use, and establishing customer files services such as collecting and sorting out customer information.

      The most common after-sales problems in the laser industry include product accessories problems, operation problems, and product system problems, which need to be handled and solved by a professional team and after-sales personnel. If a company or brand has its own global agent or supplier, for example, it has an industrial base in other continents or countries. This means that customers can have faster service and more professional solutions. 

How to find a reliable Chinese supplier of CNC fiber laser cutting machine?

We are well aware that the laser industry is a supporting emerging industry. As a member of the laser industry, Glorystar Laser is committed to becoming the world’s number one laser application solution provider with our own expertise and efforts. In line with the business tenet of “providing customers with the most satisfactory products and services”, Dongguan Glorystar Laser Technology Co., Ltd. solemnly promises: while ensuring the Mid-to-after-sales delivery, commissioning, equipment maintenance and management, technical services, user technical training and other aspects ensure that customers can get the best service and make customers satisfied and assured.

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