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Date: Sep. 25, 2021

Application Solution in Home Appliance Industry for Laser Cutting Machine

Products Feature:  

With the wide application of electronic technology in family life, people increasingly feel the various conveniences brought by electronic products. They greatly save people's time,and improve the living standard and quality. With the increasing variety of home appliances, people can exercise at home, watch giant screen movies, sing karaoke, etc.


In the manufacturing process of home appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines, there are many sheet metal parts and parts with complex shapes, which need precise cutting. Such non-contact, high-speed and high-precision cutting methods as laser cutting can not only effectively solve the above problems, but also save cost and improve production efficiency and quality.

Application Solution in Home Appliance Industry for Laser Cutting Machine

Technical advantages:  

GLORYSTAR 's laser cutting machine adopts European production standards and 139 inspection procedures, with permanently non-deformed bed, intelligent protection, energy-saving and environmental protection. All machines are equipped with five high-quality services: 1-year warranty for the whole equipment, 24-hour after-sales support, lifelong maintenance, English guidance for installation training and free training in the factory.

Compared with traditional welding machines, GLORYSTAR's hand-held laser welding machine has fast welding speed, small weld seam, simple operation, high safety and cost-saving. The CNC hydraulic press machine has the advantages of automatic deflection compensation, efficient automatic bending, etc. It is equipped with a manipulator, which greatly reduces labor costs.

Recommended model: 

NAVSTAR Series         Ultra-High-Power Laser Cutting Machine

Honor Star Series       Full-protective Dual-support Laser Cutting Machine  

Euro Star Series          Double Exchange Platforms Laser Cutting Machine

Morning Star Series   Ground-rail Style Large-format Laser Cutting Machine     

GS Series                     Compact-size Single Platform Laser Cutting Machine

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