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Date: Sep. 27, 2021

Application Solution in Light Decoration Industry for Laser Cutting Machine

Product features:  

As a household decoration and lighting necessity, the lighting industry and the output of lamps have developed sharply, and the types of lamps have been greatly enriched. With the improvement of consumption level and the enhancement of people’s aesthetic awareness, lighting products have gradually developed from being mainly practical to the coexistence of beauty and fashion. Lamps made of metal alloy occupy a large proportion in the market, and aluminum alloy and steel are the more commonly used materials.

The original manufacturing process has a long operating cycle, and a semi-finished product needs to go through multiple steps to complete. The rapid changes in lighting types, engraving techniques and complex group patterns make the original manufacturing process unable to keep up with today’s development and innovation.

Application Solution in Light Decoration Industry for Laser Cutting Machine

Technical advantages: 

The laser cutting machine of Glorystar Laser has fast cutting speed and simplicity of operation. You only need to import the complex graphics into the computer, it can efficiently and accurately cut the metal sheet. The three-chuck pipe laser cutting machine can easily realize ZERO tailing of pipe cutting, without wasting pipes, so as to maximize the profits. The CNC hydraulic bending machine is easy and quick to operate, and the equipment uses imported original parts, which have higher stability and precision.

Recommended model: 

Euro Star Series  Double Exchange Platforms Laser Cutting Machine

GS-HG Series     Three-chuck Automatic Loading&Unloading Laser Cutting Machine

GLB Series          CNC Hydraulic Bending Machine

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