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Chuck with the highest standards in the industry

GS-TG Pro Series

High security -- Large inner hole of chuck,high safety for automatic loading&unloading
Strong stability -- Integral built-in drive structure, gear and rack linkage, greatly improving transmission accuracy and stability
Intelligent ----self-adaptive pipe diameter, supporting different sizes of pipes, no need to replace the jaws
Top precision -- The roller accuracy is 0.005mm, and the clamping accuracy is less than 0.1mm
Good dustproof effect -- Built-in gear to avoid cutting dust from entering
Low noise -- Top gear grinding precision in the industry

Small inertia -- Realize high-speed processing and meet the rapid cutting of small pipe fittings
Less tailings -- The material can reach the front chuck as far as possible to realize ultra-short tail cutting
Strong clamping force -- The claw adopts a special friction surface to ensure that the clamping pipe does not slip off
High rigidity -- Barrel structure design, high supporting rigidity and strong stability
Shaped tube clamping -- With dedicated jaws, it can clamp non-closed pipes, such as channel steel (C-shaped steel), I-beam (H-shaped steel). Optional double-row roller jaws for efficient cutting of very small tubes (10~30 mm)

GS-TG Pro Series

Fewer - tailing cutting

Supporting two fewer-tailing cutting modes at the same time, which can be selected on the software interface to meet the needs of fewer-tailing cutting of different pipe diameters
Insert the main chuck into the front chuck to shorten the distance between the main chuck and the cutting head to shorten the tailings
When the workpiece is longer or the pipe size is larger,the front chuck moves to ensure cutting accuracy

GS-TG Pro Series

Support a variety of profile processing

Support square pipe with a side length of 15-150mm, round pipe with a diameter of 15-210mm, and special-shaped pipe processing such as channel steel (C-shaped steel), I-beam (H-shaped steel), etc. The cutting shape is complete, meeting diversified processing needs,ultra-high cost performance.

GS-TG Pro Series

Variable diameter wheel support

Variable diameter wheel support,suitable for a wide range of pipe diameters, flexible and convenient, manual adjustment, without changing the support, greatly improving production efficiency.

GS-TG Pro Series

Efficient automatic unloading

The two variable diameter wheels at the blanking place automatically rise and fall, supporting the workpiece when rising, and the workpiece slides down automatically when falling,greatly improving productivity.

GS-TG Pro Series

Easy automatic loading 

Optional automatic loading ensures that the pipe is aligned with the center of the chuck, and the design is humanized, reducing work intensity and labor costs.

GS-TG Pro Series

Patented dust baffle, more stable performance 

The dust-proof baffle can effectively prevent iron slag from entering the guide rail and rack, and ensure the accuracy of the guide rail and rack, with strong stability and long life.

GS-TG Pro Series

The industry’s highest quality bed, long life

GS-TG Pro Series

GS-TG Pro Series

Independent research and development of intelligent cutting system

1. Dedicated pipe cutting CNC system, supporting breakpoint positioning, continued cutting, corner process setting and other functions
2. Automatically measure the deviation of the pipe to improve the cutting accuracy
3.With special pipe cutting and nesting software, supporting single-part, multi-part nesting, co-edge, automatic sorting and other functions

GS-TG Pro Series

Super dust removal system

The dust removal system is independently researched and developed by Glorystar Laser.
Ventilation design inside the chuck and inside the pipe to reduce the slag hanging in the pipe

 GS-TG Pro Series

Safety light curtain, worry-free production

GS-TG Pro Series

High-quality accessories, ultimate performance

GS-TG Pro SeriesGS-TG Pro SeriesGS-TG Pro Series

Equipped with IGUS drag chain and cable, resistant to bending and uninterrupted wire

The air pipe joint comes with a sealing ring and no sealing tape is used, reducing the possibility of impurities entering the air path

Professional industrial computer, high-temperature resistant design, ensuring full load working


Technical Parameter

Chuck specifications220
Through-hole diameter(mm)225

Processing range(mm)

Circle tube

Square tube

Rectangle tube







Maximum tube cutting     length
Repeated positioning accuracy


Positioning accuracy≤0.05mm≤0.05mm
Maximum positioning speed


Maximum acceleration1G0.7G
Maximum speed of chuck100r/min60r/min
Tube weight≤240kg≤450kg
Machine weight5.5t6.3t
Covering area11380mm*2000mm


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