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How to Choose a Laser Cutting Machine?

Date: Aug. 08, 2021

Since the COVID-19 broke, the market structure has changed a lot. The increase in demand for medical equipment and building materials processing has led to explosive growth in the metal processing industry. Many people have realized the development prospect of laser cutting in the post-pandemic era. Many traditional metal processing companies gradually come into contact with the field of laser cutting. Facing many laser cutting machine manufacturers, they feel difficult to start. People provide suggestions to avoid detours.

Firstly, clarify the scope of processing based on reality.


How to Choose a Laser Cutting Machine?cid=12

Currently, laser cutting is widely used in the fields of sheet metal processing, electronics, technology, equipment, aerospace and so on. Before buying a laser cutting machine, metal processing companies must first clarify their production range, processing materials, the thickness of the materials and the achieving precision they need.


Can the solutions provided by laser cutting machine manufacturers be practically applied?

How to Choose a Laser Cutting Machine?cid=12

After putting forward the needs of the processing objects, there will generally be professionals to follow up and provide solutions,which can maximize benefits ideally while helping control costs. At present, the mainstream laser cutting power meeting the demand of daily processing and mass production is about 1500w. For metal processing companies that purchase a laser cutting machine for the first time, the first choice is buying a small and medium-power fiber laser cutting machine. If there is a need to expand the processing range in the future, it is better to introduce a high-power fiber laser cutting machine by the time. If there is a need only to improve processing efficiency, the best choice is buying two or more small and medium power laser cutting machines.

The GLORYSTAR business team will customize solutions for each customer in accordance with various factors such as actual production requirements, cost control and so on, abandoning the immutable model and configuration to let customers to freely choose the automation system  according their needs. For some special cutting and welding objects, the GLORYSTAR R&D team will refer the processing objects to improve the equipment structure, achieving the purpose of cutting in with the most perfect processing angle, designing the optimal processing path and realizing the highest efficiency while saving investment costs.


Simulate production, whether the cut sample meets the requirements

How to Choose a Laser Cutting Machine?cid=12

Laser cutting machine manufacturers will generally provide sample proofing services. The first what you need to pay attention to is checking whether the cutting samples have burrs and whether the processing materials are deformed. Then, you need to pay attention to checking whether the operation system is easy to operate and professional. Generally speaking, the operators of laser cutting machine manufactures have quite rich experience,so the cutting effect of samples are very good. Therefore, it is also essential to pay attention to checking whether there is a mature cutting operation training system.

All GLORYSTAR equipment will be batch processed and tested according to the processing objects required by the customer before being sent to the customer site. To ensure that each customer can rest assured after receiving the equipment, the customer equipment operation data, processing data, consumables and electricity cost analysis, etc. will be provided. In addition, GLORYSTAR has a mature training system, ensuring that the customer’s technical staff can reach the level of proficient operation in the shortest time.


Core accessories of laser cutting machine

How to Choose a Laser Cutting Machine?cid=12

First is the laser. Compared with other lasers, IPG lasers have better performance, so the price will be higher. If considering cost control, you can choose domestic lasers such as Raycus.

Followed by the motor, guide rail, bed, cooling system, dust removal system, etc, which are closely related to the cutting accuracy of the machine and the stability of mass production.


After-sales service system mature


For large-scale machinery and equipment, maintenance costs must be considered. After the machine has been used for a long time, it will inevitably encounter some problems. At this time, you must ask for the help of after-sales service. Therefore, before purchasing equipment, it is important to consider the after-sales service of the laser cutting machine manufacturer, whose important criteria are whether the questions are answered in a timely manner,whether the problems can be solved quickly and whether production can return to normal as soon as possible.

GLORYSTAR has focused on the laser cutting field for more than 10 years, always adheres to the concept of laser technology makes a better world and the quality policy of quality wins, and vigorously research the core technology of laser cutting machines. At present, GLORYSTAR has dozens of core technologies and hundreds of appearance patents. The core structure of the laser cutting machine is independently developed and produced by the GLORYSTAR team, and is put into use after the industry's first 139 quality inspection procedures, ensuring the processing efficiency and stability of each equipment.

GLORYSTAR's after-sales team has more than 100 people, they are all over the world and regularly visit the door to maintain the equipment and check the machine operation status. In addition, after the customer raises a problem, our after-sales staff will provide solutions and technical support as soon as possible, and help the customer to resume normal production as soon as possible through remote assistance or door-to-door visits.

How to Choose a Laser Cutting Machine?cid=12

At Last

In recent years, laser technology has developed rapidly, and more and more people realize that laser applications will become an important force for future social development. In the metal processing industry , more and more traditional processing companies have gradually stepped into the field of laser processing. How to stand out among many metal processing companies and quickly improve their market competitiveness is a question they have to consider all the time. GLORYSTAR can help in this regard with many years of laser cutting equipment manufacturing experience. GLORYSTAR will work together with every customer to bring more value to customers and society with laser intelligence.


Professional R&D team customizes laser application solutions.

The industry’s first 139 quality inspection procedures, each step is strictly checked.

Have core components and system design patents, master core technology.

Nearly 10,000 customers around the world have witnessed the rapid development of GLORYSTAR, and GLORYSTAR is not afraid of the market testing.

Mature after-sales service system has established equipment maintenance files, with services such as regular on-site maintenance of equipment, quick response to information, and provision of technical support.

Create value with laser technology for customers.

Quality Policy: Quality wins.


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