GS Series

Compact-size Single Platform Laser Cutting Machine

GS series single table fiber laser cutting machine adopts open structure, with less space, and is easy to operate and affordable, which is a great choice for most small and medium-sized enterprises and those with high requirements for machine occupation.

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Precision Cutting Dense Hole Disc Video with 1500W Laser Cutting Machine

GS Series Flat Bed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Delicate and Flexible

The core transmission components such as gear rack and reducer adopt international famous brands, which have high idle speed; The machine is equipped with professional operating software, which supports advanced technologies such as cooling point, sharp angle ring cutting and release angle, support dual-drive error monitoring function.

Low Space Cost

All-in-one integrated design, which means it’s small in size, less floor space occupation, low requirements of the site, no need to be equipped with professional workshops. According to the development demands of the enterprise, the forklift can be used to quickly adjust the position of the machine at any time, which is convenient and flexible.

GS Series Flat Bed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Technical Parameter

Code name of width3015
Maximum material width (mm)3000×1500
X axis travel (mm)1520
Y axis travel (mm)3020
Z axis travel (mm)80
X/Y axis positioning accuracy±0.05mm/m
X/Y axis repeat positioning accuracy≤0.04mm
Maximum positioning speed140m/min
Maximum acceleration1.2G
Slit width0.1-0.5mm(Measured value below 3mm thickness)
Incision roughnessRa3.2-Ra25.4(Measured value below 3mm thickness)
Maximum cutting thickness rangeRefer to the craft parameter table
Minimum setting unit0.001mm
Floor area of machine tool (mm)6000×3000
Host volume (mm)4850*2250*1700
CNC systemCypCut
Transfer methodGear rack dual drive
Maximum load-bearing capacity of worktable (tons)1
Machine weight (tons)3
Total installed power consumption (approximately)Laser power:1000W17kW
Laser power:1500W19.5kW
Laser power:2000W22kW
Power requirementsAC380V,50Hz;3P+N+PE
Total power protection levelIP54

Cutting Samples

GS Series

GS Series

GS Series

GS Series

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