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Hollow+ Plate welded machine bed

Cross-welding of steel plate on both sides of the wall panel + the first hollow thermal deformation prevention structure can effectively prevent the bed from thermal deformation and achieve anti-vibration, torsion, and fatigue resistance of the machine.

Euro Star Series

Super smoke exhausting system, WORLD TOP CLASS

Euro Star Series

Euro Star Series

New standard industrial-grade special air conditioner

Constant temperature and humidity Stable performance

Euro Star Series

The first choice for safety

All Glorystar products are equipped with an anti-collision detection device as standard, realizing door opening protection, visual protection, motor torque detection protection, etc.

Euro Star Series

Adaptive multi-angle placement

The machine with three-way air duct and left and right hopper can be flexibly assembled according to the site,which is not restricted by the site to avoid dismantling walls and other dangerous operations.

Euro Star SeriesEuro Star Series

Industry unique double-sided control panel

Both sides have control panels , easy to operate

Euro Star Series

Important parts, Performance guarantee

Euro Star SeriesEuro Star Series
Automatic grease injection system

Air source pressure monitoring device and electric proportional valve

Lubricate racks and guide rails, not easy to corrode the dust cover


Avoid the blockage of the slider, the wear of the transmission part and the decrease of movement accuracy

When there is no gas, the machine will alarm and stop running,


Effectively preventing malfunctions and even fires caused by insufficient air pressure

Euro Star SeriesEuro Star Series

Specialized high-speed & split type drag chain and cable

Dust cover

Prevent disconnection or entanglement during high-speed operation


Prevent strong and weak electromagnetic interference

Triple protection--

Fireproof, Oil-proof, Dust-proof


Effectively improve the life of guide rails and screw rods

Euro Star Series

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