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Fitness Equipment Industry

Date: Sep. 25, 2021



Product Features:  

With the development of society and the improvement of residents’ quality of life, more and more people have paid attention to their own health, and adopted outdoor sports or use fitness equipment to strengthen the body, to avoid the interference of Sub-health or disease. 

Fitness equipment/sports equipment is generally processed by five processes of plates and pipes. The material of the plates is Q235A, and the material of the pipe is Q195. The safety, practicality and service life of fitness equipment depend on the accuracy and stability of drilling and welding in the process of manufacturing.

The previous processing techniques, such as carbon dioxide welding and argon arc welding, are prone to a series of problems. For example, the appearance of carbon dioxide welding is rough, and the heat-affected zone is large. When using argon arc welding welds pipes, the post-processing of the welds is relatively large, and the controllable precision of argon arc welding for fine welding is poor, which will cause the secondary processing of accessories. It is a waste of time and labor cost and is not suitable for the long-term development of enterprises. 


Technical Advantages: 

The GS-CEG Series Sheet&Tube Combine Laser Cutting Machine and GSW-FH Series Handheld Laser Welding Machine of Glorystar laser can perfectly solve the above-mentioned problems. Sheet&Tube Combine Laser Cutting machine has the function of one machine for dual-use, which can not only save the capital cost of buying two machines but also reduce labor costs. In addition, the laser cutting speed is faster and the cutting efficiency is higher. 

Handheld  Laser Welding Machine is light and compact, and easy to operate. The welds are small and the welding surface is smooth, which are formed at one time without secondary processing. It can greatly reduce the processing and labor costs of the enterprise, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the product quality and processing efficiency of the enterprise.

In addition, GLORYSTAR's pipe laser cutting machine is a practical choice, which is suitable for cutting different shapes and thicknesses of plates to meet the requirements of enterprises for processing any pipe.

Recommended model: 

GS-CEG Series  Sheet&Tube Combine Laser Cutting Machine

GSW-FH Series       Handheld Laser Welding Machine

GS-HG Series   Three-chuck Automatic Loading&Unloading Tube Laser Cutting Machine

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